Peterhead Fishing Vessels 1869-1963

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This spreadsheet contains information on all fishing vessels registered in the Peterhead district between the years 1869 (the first year of registry) and 1963, with the exception of the following:—vessels belonging to ports from St Combs northwards. It therefore covers from and including Rattray to Collieston.

Standard steam drifters, ie. built from 1918 to 1921, may contain their naval name in brackets.


No. :   The vessel’s Fishing Number

Name   :   The vessel’s registered name

Crk. :   Denotes the village to which the vessel belongs (Early Registries only)

Type. sb=sailboat.   am=aux motor.   st=steam trawler.   sd= steam drifter.    mb=motor boat

L.   :   Denotes length of keel in early registries.

Reg PD.   :   Year vessel  entered Peterhead Registry.

Date Close.   :   Year Peterhead registry closed.

History.   :    Known facts about the vessel. For vessels moving from or going to other port, the ports fishing letters  are generally used. bu= broken up.   Nlfb= no longer a fishing boat.    X= formerly.

1st. 2nd and 3rd.   :   Refers to the number of the register book in which the vessel appears. The same vessel may appear in several books over its lifetime.

Owners 1,2 and 3.   :    Owners generally appear in these 3 columns in chronological order.  / denotes a change of ownership preceeded by the year of change.   b=Buchan,    s=Strachan.  Demands on space require abbreviations (not always consistent).


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